PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation

Course Information


Certification: PRINCE2® Foundation  

Duration: 3 Days

Domain: Project Management

Delivery Method: Classroom/Live Training


Accreditor: PEOPLECERT on behalf of AXELOS

Available Languages: Portuguese, English


Course Description:

The PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation course is aimed at people who work on projects every day and who benefit from a working-level understanding of structured project management, as presented in PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2). At the end of this course, you will be able to use PRINCE2 to manage a project and to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation examination.

As a Project Manager, you will assist an organization with a complex project, and which allows you to apply PRINCE2 concepts immediately after you learn them. This course helps you to understand how to use PRINCE2 and pass the PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam.

PRINCE2 provides common processes, management products, roles, and language for use throughout an organization’s projects. PRINCE2 is the most successful project management method in the world – it has become the de-facto standard in both the private and public sectors for all types of projects.


The PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation course will be of interest to:

  • Those considering PRINCE2 adoption
  • Project Managers
  • Project Team Managers and leaders
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Support Staff
  • Project Officers
  • Consultants and Contractors

Learning Objectives:

On completing this course, the participants will gain competencies in:

  • The principles of the PRINCE2 Project Management method.
  • Start, control and close projects.
  • Manage quality in PRINCE2.
  • Manage risk in PRINCE2.
  • Deliver projects within budget, time and to the specified business case.
  • Tailor PRINCE2 to different project environments.


  • There are no formal prerequisites.

Course Materials:

Participants will receive the following:

  • A course book.

Course Outline:

Module 0: Course Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • Let’s Talk PRINCE2: Meet the Expert!
  • Course Objectives
  • Use of PRINCE2 Methodology in Real Life
  • Exam

Module 1: Getting Started with PRINCE2

  • PRINCE2 Overview
  • Project
  • The Four Integrated Elements
  • The Customer and Supplier Requirements
  • Benefits of PRINCE2

Module 2: Organization

  • Organization Theme
  • Organization
  • Project Management Team
  • Stakeholder
  • Communication Management Approach

Module 3: Business Case

  • Business Case Theme
  • Output(s), Outcome and Benefits
  • Management Products

Module 4: Risk

  • Risk Theme - Managing Risk
  • Risk
  • Risk Theme
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Responses
  • Risk Estimation
  • Risk Budget
  • Management Products

Module 5: Plans

  • Plans Theme - Managing Plans
  • Levels of Plan
  • Levels of Plan and Their Inter-relationship
  • Plans Theme
  • Product-based Planning
  • Management Stages and Delivery Approach

Module 6: Quality

  • Quality Theme
  • Management Products
  • Quality Expectations and Acceptance Criteria
  • Quality Assurance and Project Assurance
  • Quality Planning and Quality Control
  • Quality Review

Module 7: Change

  • Change Theme
  • Types of Issues
  • Issue and Change Control Procedure
  • Change Budget
  • Management Products

Module 8: Progress

  • Progress Theme
  • Progress Control
  • Management Products

Module 9: Starting up a Project

  • Starting up a Project Process
  • Management Products

Module 10: Directing a Project

  • Directing a Project Process
  • Management Products

Module 11: Initiating a Project

  • Initiating a Project Process
  • Project Initiation Documentation
  • First Delivery Stage Plan

Module 12: Controlling a Stage

  • Controlling a Stage Process
  • Management Products

Module 13: Managing Product Delivery

  • Managing Product Delivery Process
  • Management Products

Module 14: Managing a Stage Boundary

  • Managing a Stage Boundary Process
  • Management Products

Module 15: Closing a Project

  • Closing a Project Process
  • Management Products

Exam Prerequisites

  • While there are no formal prerequisites, it is recommended that the participants take the exam after the completion of the course.

Examination and Certification:

Certification: ISO/IEC 27001 foundation

Duration and style: A 40-minute, 50 multiple-choice. Paper-based or online. Onsite exams can be arranged with notice.

Pass mark: 50% this will be essential should you want to do the practitioner course

Examination board: APMG